I know, the title is kind of cliché.
But I would love if someone checked out this song. I play the guitar parts and my brother plays the other parts.
Check it out at my profile and leave a comment or rate
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Oh and if you like acoustic songs I also recorded a short song called Five Strings.
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Hey dude, well maybe I can shed some light. Not at ALL what I expected honestly. Not my kinda music either, but its actually very nice. 8/10. It was really good dude, keep it up.
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touche sir.
nice piece its simple yet emotional, but like what other people are saying its hard to put words to for some reason lol not a bad thing, but just cant explain lol

none the less very nice keep it up u and ur bro make a good team
I very much liked it, it could be a great song, theres a few timing issues but nothing that serious, it was nice. goodwork
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