if there's a web address you can direct me to that has the explanation that'll be good enough i'm sure.
i'm just curious about these designations.
Are you talking about the Road King. I know they come in 2 series. Series 2 has Lonestar cleans while series 1 doesn't.
Here you go.


The Series II Road King has better cleans (from the Lone Star), tube reverb (from the Lone Star), and a better effects loop than the original Road King. A lot of people were complaining about the effects loop. I like how Mesa listens to what the people want and improve their products unlike many other companies.
Same thing goes with the stilettos as the roadkings.

The roadking series 1 by all means doesn't have bad cleans, the roadking series 2 just has improved cleans. John Petrucci used the roadking series 1, and only the roadking series 1 for the Train of Thought album.
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