Just looking for an intermediate Solo to learn...

If anyone can give me a song name or a link or something that would be appreciated.
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black curtains - Megadeth (both solos)
fade to black - Metallica (both solos)
one - Metallica
orion - metallica (last solo is awesome, it gives me chills)
crazy train - ozzy osbourne
seek & destroy - metallica
four horsemen - metallica (both solos rule)

when i think of others i'll edit this post. if you like different genres or something just say so.
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November Rain - Guns 'n' Roses (All 3 are good)
Smooth - Santana (He does little bits here and there all the time)

Those two are couple of my favourite songs at the moment.
Get Out Of My Yard - Paul Gilbert
if you can play Get Out of My Yard, you're my new best friend.
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cheers guys. Ill have a bash at most of em...but usually im into punk kinda stuff.

dude, no punk solos are impressive, or even good for that matter.
Get Out Of My Yard - Paul Gilbert
Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle - Dethklok
The Curse Of Castle Dragon - Paul Gilbert

he said intermediate you know, i dont think get out of my yard counts, its like saying becker's altitiudes is mediocre, its an awesome thing to learn though, but you need a willing companion
you could try crowd chant by satch....
Satch Boogie. The whole song is impressive, and not tooooo hard.
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Joe Satriani - House Full of Bullets

Nice blues soloing with some hard rock riffs.
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