I'm really really wanting to get into a groove with my bass. I've learnt pretty much most the cds/albums i want out of my collection, my band has just split up, i feel like i've hit abit of a brick wall. It'd be ace if you guys could recommend me some stuff to learn. I'd love to learn some funk and some jazz but its finding whats good and what tabs are readily available.

Go to the Jazz/Blues forum, go to Suggested Listening, look for Bass.

Try some Tower of Power, namely "What is Hip?".
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For jazz see:

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=607576. In that thread is a huge list of songs and Sinan has covered about all of the bases on jazz itself.

For funk, there have been quite a few threads out there on suggestions, more than I can post up here. Search bar funk and the bass forum and start reading away!
Check out the following bands\artists (Depends on your technical level):
Marcus Miller
Larry Graham
Steps Ahead
The Meters
Tower Of Power
James Brown
Wilson Pickett
Donald 'Duck' Dunn

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