I've been working on this thrash metal song the whole day and I finished it just recently. I personally think it's pretty good, but I want YOUR opinions on it. Crit for crit applies, as usual.
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GOOD STUFF, i like it, nothing wrong :P

I met them when they released their debut album in virgin megastores, they are a local band hehe
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GOOD STUFF, i like it, nothing wrong :P

I met them when they released their debut album in virgin megastores, they are a local band hehe

Evile are fucking awful, rehashed shit. Also, if you're gonna crit a song, it's just plain disrespectful to give it only a statement like "GOOD STUFF, i like it, nothing wrong :P", because you could have said that without listening to the bloody song and just want to talk about Evile. It's rude, and if I see you doing it again, I'll report you. OK?

Pingis, crit on the way. Just had to point that out.
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Update: I completely re-did the solo and changed it to a Slayer type atonal chaotic solo (a lot more organised than most Slayers solos though).
well pingis
great metal as usual =D
my oly complaint is that your not writing in a key
i want to see taht from you, some insane brutal thrash in the key of e major
thinkg you could do it?

no on to the song
riffs are great
mabey a tiny bit to repatative as a midi
but overall great
like the inverse chords that you threw in often
solos were total chaos and fit great
but one time id also like to see an insane just shred shred super shred solo
but as it is solid song
great writing
all flows great, no real problems really, just not "that" memorable, and could use a bit of harmonys here and there, unless i just didnt hear em [one speaker is kinda busted haha]

solid great work

as for c4c, if you havent critted another day [in sig]
you owe me one then haha
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Riffs are great dude, Intro is well put together. I like the lead in the intro witch surprised me. Very good riffs throughout the song. Maybe add another guitar for rhythm cus right now u've got some tight riffs with no background sound. Solo is amazing i love that sound im getting. Very evil lol! . Great song keep it .
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Well, I'm not really a fan of thrash, so I couldn't really enjoy the song like others might, but I have to say that this is one hell of a kickass in-your-face type metal song dude. I liked the intro acoustic bit, it sounded pretty cool, and the solo was nice in most spots too. Just some of the fast runs sounded way out of key, and I don't know if that was intended, but I really bugged me. I also didn't like how you used so many low notes with the intro solo, I thought it would have sounded better if you palyed some stuff just maybe an octave or two higher.

The next riff was pretty cool. Not really my style, cuz like I said, I don't really like thrash, but it was a pretty wicked sounding riff. Nice fast drums in there too haha. Now don't take this the wrong way, but the part at bar 66 really reminded me of carnival music lol.

Riffage at bar 94 was ok. Nothing bad, but nothing spectacular, it just sounded kinda generic is all. Now the solo was great if you were going for that atonal frantic chaotic type thing. I personally hate solos like that lol, but it fit the chaotic feel of the song well.

The last riff sounded too much like the main one I thought, so maybe try throwin some variations on there or just a different riff or somethin.

Overall its a good thrash song, nothing mind-blowing, but it certainly wasn't bad by any means. It's just not really my style, I like more melodic stuff lol. Anyways, keep up the kickass work man \m/
The intro was really good, liked it how the distorted guitar filled in the acoustic part.
Then after that, trash like it should be
I don't think you'd need another guitar like Jonathan said.
I didn't really like the solo though, I never really like trash metal solo's though so I can't really tell if you should change it.
I also think the outro was a bit too quick, I expected a longer note, or maybe a few extra notes.

Besides these I really liked the song, the midi file seemed a bit long, but I think when you'll record this it'll be great.

I you want you can crit this one : http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=816793
Interesting song. Nice work
In the corner beside my window
There hangs a lonely photograph
There is no reason
I'd never notice a memory that could hold me back

Siis mitä häh?
That's very badass, man. Great riffs, but the whole thing of having one guitar play a riff while the other instruments play stabs (Like bars 31-34, 90-97 etc) did get a little tired. And, are those vibrato dives in the solo actually possible? lol, but overall I'd give it a 9/10.
Great riffs, sounds exactly like a Slayer song. Maybe that's a problem? I'm sure it's possible for someone on this board to make a thrash metal song that doesn't sound exactly like Slayer, but no one knows how. If you need examples look at early Metallica and Megadeth and stuff. Not all thrash metal consists of POWERCHORD dudududududududu POWERCHORD teekeetookuhteekeetookuh

I mean seriously.
I like a lot, man, now I actually remembered to crit it

One thing I think was a little overused was the thing where the guitar plays a riff by itself while other instruments chug occasionally. It sounds good, but it only really works once or twice a song. The solo fits it very nicely too, and the acoustics were a cool touch. As ever, your riffage is top-notch. I'd give it an 8 or 9.

I'd ask for C4C, but I'm being stunningly uncreative at the moment.
That's a solid tharsh!! metal piece. The main riff is in my opiniona little to fast. A little more groove would add more heaviness. The acoustic intro was very good indead. The whole idea of the song was really Apocalypse. The solo, uhm... Imagine u were in a big band. What would young players learn from that solo... I dont like so chaotic solos. Look to other thrash bands that have very flowing thrash solos - Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, Annihilator. The randomness was more than enough, sry...

Good Overall. But ill lower ur points only for the solo and the very fast rhytm "7/10" Cheers!