Hi guys, i'm gonna order a new pickguard on eBay because I sorta think the black with white pickguard is a tad too generic for me. I was thinking of either getting a black pickguard, or a red pearl.

Just wondering what colour combination do you like the best?

Also, how hard is it to change the pickguard, i've never really done any guitar customizing and id rather not screw up my new Mexican Strat.
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Any suggestions?
Black with black pearloid looks cool, with a rosewood FB.
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i think all black & if your neck/fretboard is rosewood thats even better, then paint your headstock black...yes! a metal strat lol.
white body with black pickguard
or creamy withe with tortoise shell pickguard
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Sunburst Maple w/ a black or white pickguard.

+ sideways eight.

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tobacco sunburst and white..droool.

i also like those 'mint green' ones they put on vintage strats.

changing out a pickguard isn't difficult at all, at least on bass.
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A) a white body with a black or deep red pickguard
B) the classic sunburst and white combo
C) black body and red pickguard
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My favourites are definately:
Blonde with Black pickguard (Vai+Zappa!)
Emerald Greenburst with white (may get changed but I like it with white for now, pics should be on my profile, not sure if they're much cop though, if not google it as it's a nice colour)
And Sunburst+white ala gallagher.

Honourable mentions go to black pickguard - white body.
All black (I dislike black guitars but it looks ace on strats)
Sapphire blue with Tortoise shell pickguard (similar to those deluxe players strats).
Here's my current favorites in the collection: Fiesta Red with White Pearl pick guard/pickup covers and MOP knobs,Midnight Wine with Black Pearl pick guard and Lace pickup covers,Phat Black with Blue Shell pick guard and black hardware-Brian
Three color sunburst with a tortoise shell pickguard with a maple neck (similar to john mayer's older strat)
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i was playin on a red strat with the white pickguard and maple fret and it was really nice looking, but i own a MIM HSS black and white strat with the maple but im going to eventually change the pups to black... match my fret dots... but one that is my personal favorite is the cherry sunburst with the pearl pickguard and a maple fretboard... go watch the Kris Dahl master class videos on the UG TV... that is one beautiful guitar...
Started off as Fiesta Red MIM with a black pg and white pickups/knobs. Put red tortoiseshell and black pickups/knobs on it.

I'm also going to use some amber shellac to "age" the neck.

I'm also looking at getting a Squier Standard Strat w Cherry Sunburst and dropping a white pearloid pickguard and gold hardware on it.

those cherry bursts on the new americans with white or white pearl is pretty sessy
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I'm starting to like the Silver w/ black pickguard, but they're kinda.. idk..
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Yeah, I use a Squier Strat.
am i the only one that likes the generic black body + white pickguard with maple neck?

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Seafoam Green and White/Mint Green Pickguard w/ maple fretboard.
or Arctic White with White Pickguard w/ Rosewood fretboard.
or Olympic White with gold anodized aluminum pickguard.

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looks like someone stapled tinfoil on your guitar.
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