Yes, it is worth it.

Actually I'm not sure about that exact model, seems pretty good though.
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I don't know a lot about guitar, but this one has an amazing colour, and it look freakin' awesome!
yeah dude its worth it i have a prs guitar in that price range(a little less nice fretboard) and i absolutly love it. it seems to fit any style u play and it stays in tune well(or mine does at least) but dont just stay hooked on that one. when i went 2 find mine i tried out about 4 different models to see which one i liked the best and id advise you to do the same. but again its definatly worth it in my opinion.

I take offense to the word sprockety.

cool thanks guys! I have to sell some stuff to get it, but a PRS is pretty much the guitar i've needed/ and wanted for a long time now.
Thanks for all the help!! Once i sell my stuff, I am going to buy it as soon as i can!