Hey, were looking for a Satellite Navigation system. But i got overwhelmed with the endless choices so what did i do? Go to the Pit
I just want some opinions of what people think is the best and anythings that i should look out for, dodgy ones etc.
At the very most im willing to spend £200
Garmin is the best company for nav systems.
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go for delphi, tomtom, magellan, or garmin

check ebay too you can cap some awesome deals, like $40-$50 off retail price. i just snagged a magellan yesterday for 70 bucks, and it was a lightly used system.
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Yeah ill try ebay, i forgot about that, thanks, ill look for those makes
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Garmin is the best company for nav systems.

Brought a Garmin Nuvi 250W Just to let yous know thanks!