alright so i was giving my strat some new strings and my high e string broke a little to short, it wont reach the tuner. so i was wondering if keeping 5 strings on my guitar is bad, because i cant get some more strings for about a week.
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btw, how do you like the vox ad30vt? i hear its great, but im skeptical about how the effects sound.

it sounds nice and the effects are cool but i never really use them because if you want to use like the wah effect it will be on during the whole song or riff or solo or whatever and you cant turn it off without stopping what you are doing, but it sounds real nice with distortion, but the cleans are awsome
edit:^ i was wondering if this could damage the neck or something or send the intonation out of whack or something like that.
If you have a strat it make just make your bridge uneven.

Dont even worry about it it will be fine.