idk if this was ever brought up (probably was) and i dont really know a good way to explain it, so here goes.
.i bought new strings the other day (earnie ball slinkies) and did what i always do and put it on fine. then i tuned it, somethign weird happened. from open all the way to the 7th fret the guitar was tuned, but every fret after that sounded seriously horrible as if the guitar hasnt been tuned in years. anyone had this problem before? anyone know what i should do? my guess is that it has something to do with the truss rod.
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Its an intonation problem. What guitar do you have?

strat copy.
no no its not a problem..everytime you change strings, tune it and play (repeat the process..and play as in just play random notes...the main idea is to stretch the strings).. until it gets properly stretched out..keep tuning and playing until the guitar stays in tune..i usually do this around 3 times or 4 times