It's the top song on my page, called "Fading Away" (Kind of a lame title but oh well).
This is a short version of it, I made a longer version with some very slight changes, but it was extremely repetitive and I can't do regular vocals (I can't really do any very well).
C4C as well.
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anal seepage diffiently takes the cake for me. Congratulations the_pick_gnome you are one sick twisted person :]
From a musical point of view this is a really good song. That first chord progression is epic, I really like it and its good how it comes back to it for the outro. Nice playing, I checked out your other songs and some parts are quite technical.
The only thing I don't like is the guitar tone, the first chord progression is just like a wall of fuzz, but apart from that, this song and your other songs are very good.
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niceeee i like the starts chord progression real epic as white devil said! just need that tone done up and it would sound 100000x better

The snare of the drums sounds wierd or is it just me? sounds like its really in the background :P

kool little breakdown kind of bit towards end of song. it sounds good also just needs a better tone for it to really hit hard

Good job i enjoyed that the chord progression at start and finish sounds like an opeth sort of thing going on good stuff