I really got to dive in and play with a 2 12 combo Line 6 Spider Valve. Not to impressed. It was a little dry and lacked that sweet tube definition. The dirty channel is a little to synthetic sounding no matter what I did. The clean isn't anything to write home about but it is better than some. The on-board-effects are typical of a line 6 so I wasn't to let down by that. I was let down by the total package. I guess I expected more from Bogner. I have a good friend with an Ubershall and it is amazing. Very versitale. You would think Bogner would only put their name on the best of the best. I would like to here some feedback from some owners of the Spidervalve to see if they get some good tones and what the recording capabilities are.
The Spider Valves were over-hyped by Line6. It's another typical move by Line6, the same technology in a different package. The Spider Valves are practically the Spider III's modeling preamp with a tube poweramp section. Nothing too new or innovative other than sticking Bogner's logo on the amp as a marketing tool.