Hi guys, I'm new here.
Used to play, back in the day, then got married, divorced, married again, etc.

Picked up the guitar again last year. Still don't make enough time to improve, but I love playing...

I tried to do a slightly original version, hope ya like it... comments welcome!

Gimme Shelter
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God damn man, I'm digging that dude. Awesome job!
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I cant stop listening to it.. agreeing with the putting it in the ipod
Thank you all for listening, and for the incredible compliments!
I guess maybe I'll keep playing after all...

Seriously, thanks!!!
All cape, no superman.
this is pretty damn cool. at first i was a little skeptical when i heard the electronic/industrial sound, but once i got into it i started to really like it. your voice is great!
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I will crit as I listen.
Very good quality recording, the drums are excellent, I like your tone too.
Perhaps the vocals could be a smidge highter up in the mix, but thats clutching at straws.
Its kinda 80's sounding, I really like it.

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Well, it's glaringly obvious that this is incredibly different from the original. However, I applaud you for the change. It worked be-a-utifully. It's just as dark, gritty, and disillusioning as the original, but in a startlingly fresh way. It has this gripping nightmarish quality to it that's just so damn appealing. I don't know exactly how you've done such a fine job with the song, but the bottom line is you have. I'll stop rambling like I'm intelligent and know what I'm talking about now. I loved it, and that's all there is to it. Excellent work. More Stones covers in the future, perhaps?