Has anyone played an avatar cab who can offer any positive/negative critiques? They seemed to be priced reasonable.
They're good. The reason that they arent an arm and a leg is because they arent built as nice as say, orange or mesa boogie cabs. But they arent even close to being built bad, so dont take that wrong. I'd say that if a marshall cab lasted say, 30 years, an avatar would last maybe around 20?
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Avatar makes amazing cabinets. The new contemporary 2x12 cab is the exact same cab as the orange PPC212 cabs that run for $600. EXACT same dimensions. Same speakers can be used (Vintage 30's) and its almost half the price! I don't know how you could say they are less of a cab except for Avatar uses plywood that is three less ply thick. They still use like 15 ply birch. Only a select few people could ever tell the difference of someone using this cab and hearing 18ply over the 15 ply birch. As far as construction goes, what makes orange better constructed? Same wood glue and screws do the trick. Avatar uses oxygen free heavy gage internal speaker wiring as well. Steel rounded corner plates. I am just no getting how orange is "better built"...
I've had a Vintage style 2x12 Avatar Cab with an English Heritage G12H and a V30 and it's been solid for me.

Not issues...... just praise. If you don't abuse it I don't see how it could fail. Just don't drop 'em......or any cab for that matter.
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