I was playing my amp today and it slowly dropped in volume quite a bit. The power tube was glowing a brighter orange than usual and also had really obvious blue glow aswell. its been in the amp quite a few months and its been used heavily so you'd think its the power tube but there was also a funny smell aswell so im wondering if there was anything else the matter with it. thx
repleace it, or them if its a pair. if you repalce a pair, make sure theyre matched power tubes.
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It's called redplating. Ususally the tube that is redplating isn't the problematic one, but the corresponding tube, say in an amp, positions 1 2 3 4, 4 is redplating, tube 1 is the one with the problem. Replace them in pairs, do not continue to play with it in. You would actually be better off pulling the pair of tubes and playing without them than playing with a redplating tube.

Sucks, but it happens.
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its annoying, give you experience though

for gods sake though, only do it if you know how - by the sounds of it - take it to a tech or you WILL kill yourself