I just noticed this, and am not sure if it's an issue.

I was playing the part in Cliffs of Dover near the start where the open note on the low e string is sounded and then a bend is played on the 18th fret of the b-string. However...I noticed that when bending, I can hear the bend, but also a sound similar to a whammy bar depression. Furthermore, I removed my whammy bar for the time being, so there's no way I'm even accidentally depressing it. Any idea what's up? It happens on most other bends I do as well. I think it may be only making this sound when the open low e is struck and then a bend is played on a higher string, but I need second and third opinions.
It might be something to do with your strings not being stretched properly, or locking tuners, something along those lines.
Sounds like something is wrong with your bridge. The little pegs things could be out of alignment.
^No and no.

I had the same thing. It's just the increased tension from your bending pulls the tremolo in action releasing tension on the other strings. Basically you just need to tighten your bridge by tightening the screws in the cavity or add springs. I had the same problem and just tightened the bridge till I didn't hear any change in pitch from the other strings.

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It may be that your bridge is either raised slightly, or the springs in the back arent't tightened enough. when you bend a string the extra tension will cause the bridge to raise, lowering the pitch. To rectify this, simply tighten the 2 screws in the trem cavity slightly, but do not overtighten whatever you do.

sacEDIT: beaten to it But yeah, about adding springs thats also a good idea, I find that 4 is good for using the trem arm as 3 seems a bit loose for my liking, but at the moment i have 5 springs on my strat as i use it rarely.
That's natural on Vintage Style trems and much more worse on Floyd Rose equipped guitars.

All you can do is hold down the bridge with you right hand palm or screw the claws in the back cavity that hold the springs into place just enough so that when you bend, it will not get that whammy depressed effect.