Am I like the only person with a Sigma acoustic? When people ask what guitar I have I tell them and they haven't heard of it.
Sigma, isn't that a mathmatical term? I think it means add up
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Dude, at least they have a site on the internet, my previous acoustic (first one), was a Tansen, I could barely find anything about it on the internet, but it sounded good, in the end, its not the brand of the guitar that matters, its the sound of it.

Edit: After looking up some pictures I found of that Sigma is by Martin.


Looks like your guitar isn't bad after all, i think o.0
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Sigma, isn't that a mathmatical term? I think it means add up

It's a Greek letter and a math term. In math I'm almost positive that it stands for summation.

As for the question about the guitar...I can't help you
my friends mom had one. Its just a cheaper brand owned by martin. I think theyre made somewhere in asia
Yes, I have two of them. Throw a Tusq saddle in there, and they blow X-series and Road Series Martins away. I was pleasantly surprised by them to be honest.
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