Alright, Over the summer, I will be getting a job, and i figure I should probably get a new amp. I want an all tube combo amp under 800 dollars (because I also want to buy an acoustic guitar, a guitar with humbuckers, and a micro POG). I play mostly classic rock (Led Zeppilin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix), Blues Rock(Cream, Clapton, SRV) alternative(Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Folk (Grateful Dead, CSNY, and Bob Dylan). I'm not in a band, but I jam with friends, and hope to be in a band soon, so it needs to be loud enough with a drummer. So After looking around, i decided to get either the Vox AC 15 or the Traynor YCV40, so opinions about those amps, or other ones in my price range that would support my needs, are greatly appreciated.
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The Traynor is superior. More power/more clean headroom. Two channels/more versatility.
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+Eh on Traynor. Same price point, more functionality, more tone, more volume... what more would you want, except the 70s tubes Traynor that actually builds like a tank?
+1 for traynor. Quality amps.
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Theres only one AC15 under $800 that I'm aware of. And it has very few options on it, so I'd probably go with the Traynor.