are their any free programs that allow me to plug my guitar into the microphone port of my computer and that will amplify it and have built in effects like distortion and such. im looking for something to keep me busy, i blew out my practice amp and my good amp isnt with me at the time. i can plug my guitar in and i get a clean sound with like windows sound recorder but im looking for something to process that sound so i can use a programs distortion and such.

any help is great, would like something that people have used before and know works...i got no problem with getting programs illegally if i need to...haha

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nothing free i believe, but theres programs like amplitude.
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i'm a yuppie, snooty, smug mac user; GarageBand is installed on my macbook. it does what you're describing, but it's only available for mac. i did a google search for "garageband for windows" and it looks like you'll get a few hits that will be a good place to start.

EDIT: actually, FL Studio looks like a really powerful program. it's not freeware, but there is a demo available from their site. i'd recommend checking it out.
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