hey me and my friend our going on spring break together and we want to get a psp game with a good multiplayer. Cheaper would be better, and if it has a good story mode that would be good too. I have syphon filter dark mirror, daxter, midnight club, gta, and def jam. My friend has need for speed, star wars, and nba live.

We will play any genre, thanks
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FF War of Lions

oh.. multiplayer
Get a DS .. each

+1 FF war of lions is amazing get it
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fenrir you legendary legend man

I'm a legendary legend
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Maybe there's a connection between intelligence and obesity? Hmmmmm...

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forget multiplayer both of you buy god of war chains of olympus
Dick+strings= owww
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Have you ever played the GTA multiplayer? It's the best thing since sliced bread.


What other multiplayer games have you played?

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any of the monster hunters...youll be addicted