I've been playing for a solid two/three years now, and I want a new guitar/amp. I have a Roland Cube 15, along with an Epi SG and Epi Special II Les Paul (my starter guitar). I've grown out the classic rock I used to listen to when I bought those, and moved into heavier music. I was thinking of upgrading to a Roland Cube 60 (300$), as my current Roland has been good to me these past three years, just small. However, there was a Vox AD100VT-XL for 559 at the local music store. The Roland would have to come from somewhere else (Internet, eBay). For guitars, I haven't found much that I would want, and afford. I'd like something minimum 22 frets, preferably tremolo, and looks metal. With decent pickups. I was looking at this, but it's really expensive (at least for a 14-yr old on minimum wage.) I've heard good things about Schecter, but any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Schecter is your friend. If you want something in the meantime I would suggest something in the ESP LTD line: super affordable and very playable.
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