Hey. I'm saving up for a Randall RM100 and I've got a question about which modules and what cabinet I should get. I like to play alot of Metallica's older stuff, but I also like to play alot of metalcore stuff like KSE, As I Lay Dying, and Trivium (Both theyre older stuff and newer stuff) I also really like doing some clean stuff but with the tone from like Harvester of Sorrow, ...And Justice for All, Master of Puppets, etc. So which modules and what cabinet should I get? Thanks
The KH2 module is Kirk Hammetts signature rythmn tone, and the KH3 is the same just with a little more gain. Kirk uses the KH3 for Lead. The XTC sound really tight. I have heard people say that it has enormous amounts of gain. The Ultra module also has loads of gain. All these modules would work great for metal.