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I forgot how many points this is for and I dont feel like checking right now but good luck

Nature/Human Nature

took a tree to die for us to sign
ink on paper, and a look behind
ink of red and flecks of gold
flaked and fallen from the mold

flower of life in the garden is born
and daisy trimmed by a roses thorn
she screams, transparent blood runs down
but human nature hears no sound

took a tree to die, for the dove,
for the dove to leave,
to fly away,
away with innocence today

Three Witnesses, Two Swinging Doors, and One Wooden Floor

Sometimes I want to be like the rude people at restaurants.
The kind that yell at the waiters,
And demand their food be brought back.
They must have it real good,
Feeling all powerful like that,
I miss that feeling;
I only had it when I held her,
Now I only get it when I drink,
I don’t drink to forget like many,
I drink because it feels good,
And it pisses off people above me.

Maybe that girl wants a light,
But probably not,
Shed probably say something like
“Sorry, I have a boyfriend. He’s 6’2,
And He’ll break your **** off you ****iing
Slime bag faggot.”
Well than why the hell did you say sorry?
Don’t apologize to me that you’re in a good mood,
I didn’t apologize to you for being arrogant,
So I expect the same.

It’s been a night like my pool cue,
Long, useless, and broken in two.
That might just be my bravado dying,
It dies like a phoenix, dancing as it falls.
Poor thing, I’m the only one to know,
It didn’t leave behind any ashes.
“Hey waiter, would you mind taking this back,
They overcooked my steak.”
i didn't really like much about red.

blue was fantastic.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
red seemed to flow slightly better but there is realy somthing striking about blue. blue it is!