ok, so i didn't know where this would go, but has anyone seen the Advanced Search button when they're searching for tabs? has anyone used it? i haven't used it because i'd prolly cream in my pants from excitement.
Damn right, I saw it. I saw it hard, I saw it well. I saw it like a ****ing movie!

On a more serious note, it's kind of nice, but unless I'm returning to a tab I visited several times earlier, the search by rating, tuning and level are kind of useless.

I like the way tabs are now listed in descending order of rating. That's very handy.
Quote by C O B H C
Yes. It's handy.

In fact, it's handy dandy.

no fucking way... there's just no way.
I swear to god if you are lying to me I'll cut your eyes out!
How dare you get me that excited!!!
Now my emotions have been misplaced and I'm a mess
I'll be lucky if I'm not preggers by this time tomorrow