with the addition of a jcm 2000 dsl head ( i think ) within a couple-3 months, i'm thinking my pedalboard will have:
boss ds 1
boss mt 2
boss ch 1
mxr phase 90 (or 100, suggestions)
ibanez tube screamer, (either ts-9 or ts-9dx)
dunlop wah
maybe other things
how will that run?
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Don't bother with the DS-1 or the MT-2, you should use the built-in drive on the JCM2000 (if it's not enough gain then use your Tubescreamer to boost it).
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Im assuming you'll be playing metal, so I would ditch the Metal Zone, its a shit pedal.
Replace it with a Metal Muff. Im assuming you mean the Crybaby wah, stay away from it.

Read up on Wahs here:

I dont see a need for the DS-1 really, Id ditch that.

You should also look into an iSP Decimator to reduce any hum or noise.
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Personally, i doubt you have even played a DSL head, let alone any other non-marshall amp.
1: Boss pedals generally suck, especially the ones you listed.
2: Generally (theres like 2 exceptions) dunlop wahs suck, if you're playing classic rock, get a vox, if you're playing metal (im assuming this) a morley wah. Don't get a weeping demon, a weeping demon is the worst purchase i've ever made.
3: Get an EQ. MXR 10 band to be specific
4: Try out amps before you even think about buying a marshall.
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