I was learning spellbound by Dimmu Borgir today and i just can't seem to zero in on that black metal sound on my amp. anyone have any suggestions what to set my EQ to? thanks
Actual numbers, not o'clocks
For first and second wave:
Gain: 6
Bass: 3 1/2
Mids: 6
Treble: 9
for third wave:
Gain 6 1/2
Bass: 5
Mids and Treble: 9
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Well it depends on your amp, if you use the settings that slaytanic suggested on a Fender bassman you'll end up sounding more like Rory Gallagher (for his thrid wave settings at least).
Turn the bass all the way down, and the mids to about half. Mess with treble and gain to find your sweet spot.