I purchased an RG270DX yesterday used for a decent priced. The strings seemed in fairly good shape but sooner or later they'll need changed. Any one have a manual or easy enough instructions to go about changing strings on guitars liek these? first I noticed there was some sort of locking device I guess you loosen with an Allen wrench

Thats as fasr as I got though. I don't know if I should loosen the strings from the fine tunning device? Should I change all my strings at once? I don't wanna **** up the tremolo. And.... how should I go about "locking" the strings back up after? Y know stuff liek that? Please and thank you in advance.
I restrung my RG for the first time today and the strings wont stretch out. They are locked in and the floyd rose is bent something terrible and I'm afraid I'm warping the neck. Did I use the wrong gauge strings or something?