im looking to set up my micro cube for sounding like Jimmy Page... for those who do not own one there are no Bass, Mid, or Treble settings on this amp... the settings are Tone, Gain, Volume, 6 effects (flanger, dealy, reverb, chorus, phaser, and tremolo). there is amp modeling and I already know that the classic stack is probably the best one... o btw im looking for a heartbreaker and immigrant song style...
classic stack, neck humbucker for heartbreaker, bothe humbuckers for immigrant song. tone around 2 o'clock, and gain almost at max.
I would set the tone about 12 o'clock or maybe 10 o'clock. Classic stack may be the best, just a mid-heavy overdrive sound.
well I use the same setting messed around a bit for led zeppelin. The settings I posted are what I used for black dog, just mess with what I gave you and you'll figure it out.
forgot to mention i am using a fender HSS strat with all stock equipment.. im gonna eventually switch out all of the pickups when i get money..
I am too, use neck mid for neck humbucker, bridge for bride humbucker, and I like to use bridge/mid for both pickups. gets a close tone.