I have decided on this guitar no questions asked, only question is do I want the FR or not, its 150$ difference and I havent really used the whammy bar on my cheapie ever obviously cuz its out of tune within 2 pulls, but I thought just having the FR would be nice.

I have NO experience with a Floyd Rose and think it might be kind of a pain for something I might not use enough to justify the 150$

What are your thoughts and if you have 1 why did you choose it and do you regret it at all over the other.
Well, I think tuning on an FR is bull****, but I'm a one tuning guy and changing an FR's strings is easier than on a string through.
Very little difference in tone or sound, but if you like changing tunings do not get one. Unless you like messing around with Allen wrenches
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Well, the floyd rose takes away a bit of your sustain. If youre going to be playing rhythm parts and using a whammy, just get the string through one.
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imo i would get the one with the fr. but thats just me. it kinda depends on what music you play as well or if you play lead and solo alot.. it gives you an edge to your playing, which is great. if your the type of person that changes tunings often besides justdrop d, then it will be a pain to tune back and forth. the string changes wont be hard once you get used to it. if you dont want to plan on putting a lot of time into your guitar i dont really suggest it because you have to take more care of it than one without a fr.. fr's stay in tune once you abuse it so its not your standard tremelo system. i almost got the schecter hellraiser fr. that might be my next guitar.
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