does anyone know of any good dynamic mics for recording acoustic guitar and vocals for under £80?
I heard MXL 990 is pretty decent. I have no recording experience with it.


It costs a littler over half of your budget. Check other MXL's or wait till somebody recommends other mics.
Why dynamics? There's not much choice, the humble SM57 or the Blue Ball would work fine.

Personally I'd go for a condenser like the Samson C01 (I've got the USB version, it's a good bit of kit), M-Audio Nova and Behringer C3.

it has to be dynamic since its a toneport ux1 im using and it doesnt have any phantom power and iv no free usb ports
sm57 or sm58 are the obvious choices.

also, moved to riffs and recordings. theres a couple of reviews of cheap dynamics in one of the stickies as well...