Hi all,

I'm contemplating buying this guitar, but I dont know if I should.

I've been playing for almost two years, but as I found out today after doing miserably in my preliminary grade exam, I'm crap and I haven't practiced nearly enough. However, I've spent the last couple of weeks practicing for 5-7 hours a day and I've looked all over the internet and found out lots of stuff about guitars and what the hell is actually going on in the guitar world... So now I think I know what playing guitar is all about and I've worked out the right way to teach myself to do it...


I currently have an acoustic guitar, but I really want to try out an electric one, because I think I want to play an electric one in the future. The only thing stopping me from buying it is I think I'm too crap for it and I'll just be throwing £250 away (fortunately, money is not the problem, but I still feel extremely guilty, because it will be my parents money). So the question is - do you think I should get it? Or will I just throw my money away?

Also, what amplifer should I get with it? Something for about £150 or less would be ok.

Sorry for the long post guys, but I realy need some help, I can't sleep I'm always thinking about it
i dont know about that specific model, but yamaha is a good gitar for people just getting into electrics. i own a yamaha pacifica (their knock off of a strat)and i wouldnt trade it for the fender version. excel makes good, cheap amps that are also good for beginning elecric players.hope i've helped.
Thx for the reply, but I can't find any "excel" amplifiers, could you give me a link to their website?

So far, I've been advised to get either a 30W Marshall or Squire. What do you think about them?
Yeah, Yamaha Pacificas are a very good guitar and a knock-off from a strat. I still have mine. I would recommend Drive amps for a cheap amilifier. They last a damn long time, too. I still have mine, and I got this stuff when I was 10!
one thing

$ for amp > $ for guitar

^^basic rule because 90% of ur sound comes from the amp
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I got my first guitar recently and people are telling me to get pickups. I don't get it. What do they do? Do they help you when you drop your pick?
Thx for the responses everyone. I've read all the reviews of the guitar before and I know it's fantastic, but the thing that worries me is I'll look like an idiot/rich-spoilt kid if I spent £250 on a guitar that can't use even 1% of... Or is it normal for people to get such expensive guitars when they start?

And I dont know about spending twice as much on the amp... I definitely can't afford a £500 amp Besides, my conscience would never allow me either Is £100-£150 really not enough for an amp for now? I will only be playing the most basic stuff like simple cords and scales, maybe a few simple songs... £150 wont do??
led zeppelin678 is kinda' right. If I was in your shoes, I'd get a £250 amp, and a £150 guitar.