Basically I finally got around to finishing another song haha. I wanted to make something a little darker then my usual stuff and this is what I came up with. I couldn't write an entire song like that though, so it kinda mellows out towards the end (although I still don't think its nearly as good as my other stuff). The only thing I couldn't put in is a solo. I couldn't find a good place to put one, so hopefully you guys could help me on that. This is also my first song written on a 7 string (I bought an RG1527 haha). I'll do c4c n all that when I have time to check out your songs.
Newest Song.zip
****ing finally!

Jesus. This is very Mors Principium Est. ****ing awesome. Only thing I can really complain about is the keys in the Bridge are a bit loud.

And I dont like the way the clean guitar of GP sounds, so I put it on Jazz.

But man, that Pre-Chorus is awesome. I didnt really like the chorus the first time around, but the second was awesome. And Chorus II was awesome as well.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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That's Bach in the beginning , lol.. Either way, great job.
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^ Meh, w/e. The riffing sounds reminiscent of MPE to me... *shrugs*
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
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^sounds like bach you say? would you mind tellin me what song it is so I can check it out please? And yeah, MPE are like my fav band right now, so I guess it kinda showed in this one haha. Thanks for the positive feedback guys

Oh no, I'm not saying it resembles a song by Bach, I'm saying it SOUNDS like bach, the song is ****ing awesome dude... Keep it up.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
absolutely stunning piece of work there
cant say anything really as it was just amazing
great job
peerfect 12/10
[wants to hear with some real instruments now]
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This was really good. The start of bar 20 is out of key though (could be my guitar pro though). I really enjoyed this (at least a lot more than all of these run of the mill metalcore songs people are posting). I could really see myself listening to this, the solos were great. I liked everything in it really, but the drums were perhaps a bit boring, nothing too bad though.
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As the others said, this is a fantastic piece of music. Only thing that could be changed for the better is that the keys are a little to load at some places as mentiond before.
Damn that outro was nice.
Listening to it again now, and i gotta say, that pre-chorus is just awsome.
This gotta be one of the best songs ive heard on this forum.
Very well done. you should be proud.

Crit my latest when you get that chance. its in my sig.
I love the begginging. It's really effing dramatc and sweet. The only thing I don't understand is why you layered the snare hits at the end of bar 13 and all other like it. That sounds really loud and terrible to be honest.

Melody is, again, vey damatic. In a good way.

The riff on the second half of the prechorus was sick.

The chorus reminded me of Zelda.

I LOVE the chord progression for the bridge.

The lead on Chorus 2 was beatiful.

The outro is pretty much amazing. I like how you brought the drums back in for it.

Overall it gets a perfect 10. Nothing really wrong with it.

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Not one of your best songs, but still really good. Just a couple of things I'd change.

- Keyboard I. You should probably change it to 14, I think it should be at the same level as the rhythm guitar.
- That one drum fill (bar 13, 17, etc.). Dont layer it. It sounds like my speakers are popping.
- Chorus II. I think the lead starts on a weird note.

Other than that, great song. I LOVE that drumbeat in the outro.

good to see another one, always liked your stuff , as i listen:

intro i'm not so fond of, just a bit boring tbh - really like the melody though, the slight dissonance in 19 and 23 is perfect. To verse again, can see it would work well with vocals but alone it's just a bit bland.

Pre-choruses have always been your strength and this is no different. First palm muted riff has a great rhythm, as do the octaves, really gives the song an edge. Bar 47 might be the best use of a half-diminished chord I've ever seen - it's beautiful, ignore people who dislike the dissonance. 49 i'm not too fond of though, just seems a little too light with the dark mood you're building up....or something like that, just not quite right.

Chorus is good but not spectacular, but I am a big fan of the way the drums speed up into the post chorus, makes the transition smooth. However the pinch harmonic at 66 sounds odd, it's the right pitch just doesn't quite fit. Verse, see same as before, I did like the drum change from blast beats though and the roll into pre-chorus is great. Second half of that pre-chorus is SO good though...love it!

Bridge is very good, the keys make it superb - just works brilliantly (i'm taking notes!). Now you say it isn't a solo, but Chorus two might as well just be extended to one in all honesty - sounds really good. The transition to the outro is a bit clunky but the section itself is good, love the drums to bits and once you start harmonising the piano in thirds it's quality. Nice fade out as well.

Not being harsh, just nit-picking. There's nothing major wrong with it, but I'd definitely agree with you on the fact that it's not as good as your others. That aside, the pre-chorus is beautiful and that "chorus 2" definitely opens up for a solo. 7/10 as it's you, but it's still one of the best things I've seen on here

If you could crit the one in my sig please? (preferably look at the version without solo 2)
Dark and epic: not a combo I usually see on this forum, but one that I definitely like.

The intro is solid melo-death riffing, and sets the whole dark mood for the song. The melody is outstanding. I love octave usage so there's already some brownie points for you there. Not much to be said about the verse besides the fact it's good and it fits. The Prechorus, on the other hand, is very good.

First chorus is great, it really carries the dark theme. The Post-chorus was handled excellently, adding the right variety at the right time.

Concerning the bridge, again, good. The way it leads into the Chorus II is fantastic, as is the Chorus II itself. The lead was epic!

The outro: for me, this was probably the highlight of the song. Everything about is just pure excellence. The drum beat gets a special mention here.

All in all, the only thing I didn't really like was that perhaps there was a bit too much of the same style riffing. Not a bad thing, but it can get repetetive after awhile. And the keys, for the most part, (and I realize they are supposed to be the leading instrument) are just too loud.

Good stuff! A good 8.5/10.

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The sound is very MPE, aye.

It's all sounding pretty good, and yeah the keys are pretty damn loud

Nice riff with the octaves, I like how it doesn't fall into the predictable melody over the chord sequence. My only complaint would be that it's very repetitive as it's the same sort of texture throughout, being either a string skipping intense riff or a fairly standard chorus sort of melody. While what you had was good, it was used a bit much and you could have used a few more changes with less instruments involved. The outro was I think the best part of the song, and I think you had an opportunity to use that section as a very very cool solo which leads back into a stronger riff, still soloing.
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Well I guess I never realized the keys were so loud cuz it sounds fine on my laptop, but I listened to it on another computer and I was like, damn, they are reeeeally loud haha. But thats a really good idea duncang. I think I'm gonna stop workin on my new song now and try and go back and work out that idea you had about the solo. Thanks a lot man
Chorus ll was beautiful.

The intro was confusing for me, couldn't link the first few bars together with the beat. But other than that, it was flawless!
haha... like a better MPE in my opinion alot of the riffing has a darker sound to it, more dramatic as well -I havent heard all of MPE but alot... and well... havent heard anything actually dark yet so if you have any recommendations, MPE fans throw them my way-

Hm my favorite segments are...

The Intro - great melody... and sadly I use this type of interval alot so when I saw it/heard it I was like "Aw ****, now naggas are gonna think I stole it if I had something relatively similar =\" or something like that

I really like the way you employed the keyboards through out the whole song though yeah they're pretty loud in some places and dillude the guitar, but turned down a bit and its just perfect;

The Melody was great too, I love the way you used the chords and intervals, as well as the keyboard and bass

Pre-Chorus was pretty sweet too -alot of it thanks to the way you used the bass, and the keys to an extect I guess- I actually tend to despise octaves used like that, but the melody you created with them was great and hence, hell yar

As for the following I though they were good but not that amazing =p

The Chorus-Post Chorus and the riff were the most MPE part of the song I guess haha, stil pretty good

The Bridge I have mixed feelings about it, but its good, some of the sequences are great some are just okay -by sequences I mean the interaction of the melody notes and the bass notes- but I wouldnt suggest any changes, its your song and I think its great the way it is

I dont think the second chorus is as great as has been mentioned but nonetheless pretty good

Indeed the outro was grand, so congratz as for the solo suggestion, I dunno, I think the song sounds great sololess, adding one randomly might spoil it, but it doesnt hurt to try, after all, if it doesnt work, just take the solo back off lol

Not big on number ratings for compositions but uh... 8.5/10, I really like the dark atmospheres and dramatism of the song, I love that kinda shiz =p I guess check out my two songs I have up now... somewhat of an explanation for their respective atmospheres are in the threads I believe, I'd like to know what you're gonna call this song/concept behind it

here's my recording if you're gonna crit i'd appreciate a rate and comment on the song on this page =]


if not or if you want you can check out all my others -aka just two uploaded atm-


I dont even like melodic death metal that much, but that song is just...perfect. Outro is perfect. Chorus 2 is amazing, the way you lead up to it is the same...now I hate myself more fore an over 3 months writers block!!!!!!! lol
This thing was awsome!
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Great song. I didn't hear anything wrong with it.

You asked for suggestions for where to put a solo, so I payed attention to where you could... I thought the bridge would be a good place for it, especially with how guitar II leads into it.

Great job. =)
Ahhhhh to much key lol

anyhoo once i turned that down it was amazing, very MPE fo sho.
chorus 2 was insane epic, just really climactic yet again nothing to complain about apart from... no freakin definite solo