Guitar recomendation.
Im Looking for a guitar between £300 and £500 ($600-$1000) Id like a trem and it needs to have a good fast neck for soling.
Im looking for a NON strat shape, something like a Les Paul, SG or ESP viper. I dont want it to be a full out metal guitar either though, needs to be versatile enough to play stuff like country and blues.

any suggestion would be gratefully received
esp ltd ec-1000

EDIT: woops i didnt read the part about wanting a trem
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One of the medium-end ESP/LTD Vipers maybe
If you weren't against strat0shaped guitars I'd recommend the Jackson DK2 which is very versatile
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you could by a faded sg then install a bigsby, if u dont mind the whole install part
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Check out LTD, but I would say do your homework first by searching the internet and then come back with a question about models you selected.
esps rule
you could also try epiphone les paul customs
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you could by a faded sg then install a bigsby, if u dont mind the whole install part

you could also buy a much better guitar
Why can't you have a Strat shape? Seriosuly, they're hot like hell. I think a HSS would suit you good.
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Id also ask this in the electric guitar forum instead. Im not trying to be a douche, I just think you'll get more replies that way.
As for the guitar, check out a gretsch or an epi semi-hollowbody w/ a bigsby. Solid guitars and look so badass.
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A Bigsby doesn't have anywhere as much range as a Floyd or something similar, which I'm kinda guessing is what he means when he says trem, and doesn't stay in tune half as well either. Since you live in the UK, I wouldn't even suggest an ESP since they're so high priced there. Guitar prices over there are so different from here though, I think you'd be better off waiting until someone in the UK responds
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