I've noticed recently I've been buying ****loads of albums. I must have like 200 cd's. People keep asking me at school for a copy of so and so's cd because they know I have it. Do you think I can make a profit out of this or is it illegal? Even if it's just to a kid at school?
yes you can make profit out of it and yes it is illegal
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It's illegal, but highly unlikely that you'll be caught unless you set up a shop in school, or someone spills the beans to authorities.

I've done it. Charge a buck a CD or something.

It's illegal to make a profit out it, yes.

So the trick is to do everything covert.
id do it
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oh well at least ure making a profit.. and the record companies are still getting money 'cos u payed for it
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lmao i used to do it about 5 years ago b4 this online thign started got about 5 dollars a piece used to be so loaded now i gotta actually work for money damn....
three years
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yeahh its illegal

i used to do that, but i stopped cos everyone was just downloading

i used to say that the "customers" were paying me to get more blank discs, which got me out of trouble a few times
My friend used to do that, and stopped when he realised not too many were interested. He couldn't advertise the fact he was selling album's so he had to hope for word of mouth to get him business.

Do it anyway, I'm sure if you're in America enough people will be interested.
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It is illegal but the chances of you getting caught are virtually zero so long as you are sensible about it. Don't go out of your way to offer people CDs and don't sell too many, keep it reasonable.
It's only illegal if you get caught
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