My dad has a guitar that he gave to me about a year ago when i was learning to play. it had a bolt on neck, a single pickup (i sont know the make or model), it had cutouts that seemed to be rounded-out versions of those of a stratocaster, and the only indication of a company the word "Cimar" painted on the headstock.
anoyone have an idea as to what it is?

(this guitar is now dissasembled. im using parts from it for a new guitar)
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It doesnt sound like a very bad guitar, to be honest. Kramers have single pickups, and usually they sound pretty good. But I have not much of a clue to what a Cimar is.

Heres a wiki article.

This is a adobe program. Where I saw "Cimar" is near the bottom, after the basses. The two guitars fit the description on what you described, and they are also beside two Cimar basses.