im sorta new to guitar and just got a 1/4 in guitar cable to 1/8 in jack adapter to plug into the mike space on my pc. I heard from my guitar teacher that there was some free software with tons of effects online, to overlap sounds and make your own songs, stuff like that. But i was stupid and forgot the name, any help telling me about some software similar to it?
i'll check it out. i think it might have been audacity though.

Audacity will be fine enough if you don't do extensive multitracking or need VST-support, but I suggest REAPER ( http://www.cockos.com/reaper/ ) as the free music software of your choice. It's just about 3 mb big, but it's effective functionality (at least in home user - terms) rivals that of commercial software. It has got VST support, that means yes go raid www.kvraudio.com for all the effects, synths and samplers you'll ever need. If you're new to DAW-recording, read up on the excellent manual and wiki beforehand and watch a few tutorial vids.

Oh and by the way, you may want to consider getting a dedicated audio interface to hook up guitar and computer. The cable adapter into the line-in will do just fine, but with a noticeable loss in quality (then again, it's up to you how serious you are about the sound. For quick lofi recordings it's fine). The aforemented Line6 have their "Toneport"-models, which also includes guitar modeling effects.
So what's a dedicated audio interface? I was already thinking aboujt getting a Pod, and i'll checkout their toneport models. thanks.
I have a Macintosh eMac G4 right now with Garageband, and I mess around with it sometimes, although I'm really waiting until I go to college (when I'll get my MacBook Pro) customized with the Parallels software. I only just recently heard of it, but Parallels allows you to install any Windows Operating System, and load the software built for them. I don't really like Windows as an operating system, although we have a desktop at my house, and on that I use M-Audio's Session software. It comes with this adapter for your USB drive (I think it's called the Fast Track) and you can have a direct line-in microphone or guitar or bass... I like it. Back when I first started, I realized that with the microphone-port adapter thing like you can actually destroy the port by playing with too high of an input from a bass guitar (especially one with active pickups) so watch out!

i just looked through this breifly and saw someone say line 6. its not line 6, its live 6 (line 6 makes amps dude). and thats not free. they have a demo of the new version 7 but you cant do much with as far as exporting music to the web and stuff, it will work for over lapping loops and recording, and it has a better grid interface than garage band for creating you own stuff, but that stuff cant leave your computer.
if you want to try the demo then google live 6 or ableton and look for their site.
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