i am buying a new amp this week and thus far have tried out and liked the following:

Laney VC30 2x12
Orange Rocker 30 (combo)
Vox AC30 2x12
Sound City SC50H mk6
Sound City SC40 mk6

in your opinion which is best and why? just to help me along the way making a choice.

because they're simply awesome
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the vox ac30 is a beauty, as well as the orange. The orange is a little more portable and beautiful, but the vox sounds SO nice. It's up to you really, but i'd suggest one of those two.
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rock paper scissors between the Vox and the Orange
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i guess so, nobody likes the sound city then......i thought they were not too bad!
The Sound City's are a brand new product, I don't think anyone has any experience with them yet. I don't know if they're available outside of the UK, yet. I know I'm interested in 'em, but I haven't heard them, yet.

The Laney gets a lot of love as a lower cost alternative to the Vox AC30. But if you have the means, the AC30 or Rocker 30 is probably the way to go. Really depends on your style of play at that point. The Orange has more of a classic Marshall sound, while the Vox has that Beatles/Queen/indie sound.
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well i mainly play with distortion as my main sound but i do love the clean on the vox ac30 and will probably use a few pedals for my distortion so that may be a good choice, i know the orange has a good drive channel but how much i would use it i dont know i love the tube character the vox adds to a decent pedal so im deffo leaning towards it!

i will let yall know how it goes!
Either one is pretty sweet. I would go for the Orange to get that ballsy Marshall sound, but the Vox is better for a soft, sweet sound.
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[quote="'[A"]cetate']rock paper scissors between the Vox and the Orange

How dare you not automatically suggest the Orange No rock paper scissors needed..Orange all the way...
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Stay away from the Vox AC-30 unless you Pony up the extra $500 (~$1499 most stores) for the 2x12 Combo that comes with the Blue Alnico speakers instead of those "custom vox".

Totally different amp with the Blue's....... sounds the way it was meant to sound.

I'd say go with the Orange. Reason being on your Vox unless your a volume/tone knob and pedal Master...... you'll have trouble making that amp more than a 1 Trick ride.

It's tough to get more than 1 or 1 1/2 really good tones out of that Vox Amp without switching your input and dial settings. The tone/volume knob on your guitar and a couple pedals will only get you so far.

I have both...... but my Orange is the AD30 Twin Channel. People talk about the Oranges not having enough gain...... well they must not have a Les Paul or a guitar with real humbuckers in it.

Even on the "tamer" AD30 I can scream it.
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well i went to the store today and tried our all of the amps again. i only had them at lower volumes which wasn't ideal the first time around so i went to a bigger store this time and really put them through their paces! the sound city 50 half stack was LOUD but tbh the tone was rubbish i must have overlooked something on the amps fairly simple controls. either that or it just blows. next i tried the ac30 and that clean channel still gets me but even with the selection of quality pedals it just wouldn't kick the way i wanted. i then tried the orange and from the moment i swithched it on i got pure gold and the controls are the most basic of any amp i have used. no eq on the clean channel just 1 volume pot but for some reason its just so smooth really lets you utilise the guitar as its meant to be if that makes sense. the dirty channel is also brilliant i mean it kicks like a mule and rated at 30 watts it gives you a chance to really drive the tubes as opposed to using a 100 watter as i was even at big venues you could't even get near to that amount of tube character.

so anyway i was sold on it there and then didnt need to look any futher. amazing little amp. second best £650 i ever spent.
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