I have a flanger, metal distort, mild distort, delay, and whah pedals.

Soooooo....... given I like RATM, SOAD, Chevelle and Mudvayne and such, would the Digitech Whammy be worth the $200?
for rage, yes. I am not sure about the other bands, i dont think SOAD uses the whammy too much (as in at all) and i dunno about the other bands. but if you play alot of rage it is completely worth it
i have, its a cool pedal......if you play rage at shows then its pretty much necessary
You need it for Rage, especially if you play live. As for the other bands, you really dont need it. It would be cool for doing solos and harmonies. None of the other bands you listed use it i dont think, or need it.
Quote by -Wolverine-
would the Digitech Whammy be worth the $200?

Only you can answer your own question. Are you going to be using it enough to justify spending the money on it? If you answer yes, then get it.