Pardon my ignorance, but my husband is the guitarist/bassist and I can't ask him as I
want to pick the perfect gift for our 10th anniversary.

I have the opportunity to buy a one of a kind HP Special "pre-production" model signed by Hartley Peavey. The price is pretty steep at $2000, but I was wondering if it is worth it considering.

thanks for your input!
I myself think it would be worth it to a collector. Any kind of signed guitar would run pretty steep, and being signed by someone like Mr. Peavey, a collector who likes Peavey stuff would pay more i think.
It sounds pretty good, but do you have a link or any more detailed informaion on it? That'd be a big help in determining the value of it.

And congratulations on your 10th anniversary.
It would indeed make a great gift, but I wouldn't spend that much unless it was actually a good guitar. If you could post more details, pics, specs etc that'd be helpful.
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