Okay, I'm looking for a seven string, hence the lame title. Anyway, I have the Schecter Damien in mind as far as playability and price goes. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as a good seven? I'm up for any model or brand as long as it's within the price range of under $500.
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no idea they don't sell sven strings in canada.only 4,5,6,12, and maybe 8 string guitars
The Ibanez RG7321 is a good 7-String, but the pickups aren't great. It's about 500 dollars. Btw, I suggest investing in a better amp that what you listed, unless you play other people's amp like me !
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Schecter's Omen 7 or Damien 7 are maybe the only things you can get price-wise. Washburn has a 7-stringer for $200, but i would stay away from that myself.
RG7321, the Schecters you mentioned and Maybe an Agile Spetor are the only ones I can think of in your price range.
I have the RG7321, its good for that price.
and they do sell seven stringers in Canada.
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