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12 27%
32 73%
Voters: 44.
This thread was a little inspired by South Park...

So what would you rather have?

I know there are different types of cancers with different degrees of harmfulness. And there are also different levels of HIV/AIDS. But to keep it simple, I am just putting two choices on the poll...
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Cancer. It can be cured in some cases, and you can still have sex without other people getting cancer. They both suck though.

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If you tell someone you have AIDS or if someone finds out you may get a GAY-stample
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this is so ****ed up. lol but you pussies need to quit whining and reporting. ooh you dont like it **** you then. i vote cancer
what about

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why report this thread..... christ

Depends what type of cancer actually... if it was lung or pancreatic (which have a huge death rate), I'd probably pick HIV, but most other forms of cancer aren't as deadly.

Plus with HIV I'd just have to inject a few thousands dollars of money into my blood and I'd be fine

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Poor taste indeed. *reported*

i fail to see how this is in poor taste...

Cancer, cause i know about 10 people who've survived it. whereas AIDS would rob me of any chance of having relationships with women. Cancer you get sympathy and affection. AIDS you get shunned, which is f*cking stupid.
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i wouldn't want either if i'm honest so i'm not gonna choose
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rather have AIDS then I could spread it as much as possible to take people out with me
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