So I recently picked up a Peavey Classic 30 amp but it seems to making some wierd noises. With the guitar plugged in (Gibson Les Paul Studio) on low volume (2-3 on guitar and 2-3 on the amp) it makes a buzzing noise that goes away if I touch any of the strings. Now if I turn the volume up on either the guitar or amp (up being past 5-6) I will hear this high pitch squeek slowly fade louder and louder until it is really really loud. If I don't have the guitar plugged in (ie just the patch chord plugged in) the buzz it still there but not as loud and I don't get the high pitch squeek. If the patch cord is not plugged in at all, the amp seems fine (just a faint hiss, no buzz).

Anyone know what is causing this? I have tried it in different rooms in my house (on different plugs) and it is a new house so I'm sure the grounding is okay.

i dont know about the squeak bu the hum your talking about it normal. if you really want to get rid of it, get a noise suppressor which should also solve your squeak too
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Some hum like that is normal. If its really bad though, you guitar has a ground loop problem. You'll have to get that checked out.

About the amp, I thought it was bad tubes. Does that amp even have tubes though? If its not a tube amp, try stepping away from the amplifier/using different cables.
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The buzzing is a grounding issue. That high pitched sound you're hearing is feedback. Don't crank the amp up so much if you're right in front of the amp.
How far away am I suppose to be? It happens about 7 feet way, I can't really go much further unless I play outside the room.
Yeah mine does it as well.
A noise suppressor is the best way to go.
Boss sell them for about $150AUD, idk how much they are in the US tho.

I need one so bad.
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