Ok, I was at GC today and played a Schecter with EMG's and a FR. Well, I haven't really played many FR's (this would be my second one EVER played), and it seemed REALLY tight. Like when I tried to use it, it seemed like I had to put WWAAYY too much force into it. Is this just because I'm not used to using a FR? I see artists (like dimebag for example) using them and beating the living hell out of them without it seeming to be difficult. Or can you actually set one up SO WRONG it was hard to move?

Just a question, more than anything it's probably just cause I'm not used to it even being there. Oh btw I was sitting down, don't know if that would make it any different lol.
The only way i see that this could happen is a different amount of springs in the back.
i've found that schecter put quite heavy gauge strings on their guitars and tune them to standard in the factory.

that's probably why.
if it was a Hellraiser FR, i just played one of those and it seemed fine. but the only reason a tremolo would be "tighter" would be if it had extra springs in the back.
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Well like it just seem it was INCREDIBLY hard to move, like I had to actually put force in to it (and I don't by any means consider myself weak, I'm like 150 lbs but can bench that pretty easy, don't work out or anything but yeah, i'm not a total weakling lol)

The strings were pretty heavy, maybe there were just extra springs in the back? Idk, this confused me because I beat the living hell out of the other FR I played with ease.