So I am trying to fix the intonation on my fender fat strat. Most of the strings are properly intoned except for the little e. The harmonic on the 12th fret keeps sounding sharp. When it is sharp you adjust the saddle of the string towards the bottom of the guitar, away from the neck, right? I get to a point in time where it gets sharper the closer it gets to the bottom but I can not find the sweet spot of proper intonation.
I've never really done this so any advice on proper intonation would be excellent and greatly appreciated.

edit* Now I am kind of freaked out. When my guitar is laying down on my lap it plays little e right on the dot, but when I play the same note when the guitar is vertical on my lap it is flatter but some degrees. Anyone know what that is?
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I think it has to do with tension. Always intonate when the guitar is in playing position, or as close to it as you can possibly get it.

This helped me:
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