Hey guys, hoping someone could answer a few questions for me since I don't have much knowledge of the products.

I'm looking at a Fender Telecoustic body, which is an acoustic electric guitar body. It comes with all of the electronics, the bridge, the bridge pins, and the neck screws. The seller wants $55 USD for it. It appears to be in decent shape less a few cosmetic flaws. Is this a good deal?

To attach to the Telecoustic body, I'm also looking at a maple Squire Tele neck. It's got Fender Vintage Style Tuners off of a Deluxe MiM Tele. The seller wants $50 USD for it. Is this worth it?

My final question is, are these two compatible, and would I need to buy anything else to complete the guitar that I'm missing? It's got the full body, and the neck has the nut and the tuners and all frets on it. I've also asked for a measurement of the width of the neck at the base where it would sit in the pocket in the body and a measurement of the pocket in the body.

Thanks for any help!
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