What do you do when you're at a restaurant and you run out of ketchup?

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Get as much as you can out of the bottle
10 6%
Ask for another bottle
41 26%
Switch bottles with another table when no one is looking
75 47%
I don't like ketchup/this thread is stupid/use the search bar
32 20%
Voters: 158.
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I have a feeling that many of us have been in this situation before. So tell me, what do you do in this situation:

You're at a restaurant, and you pick up the ketchup bottle only to discover it's empty (or almost empty, so much that only little squirts of ketchup come out when you squeeze it).

Do you:

A.) Get as much ketchup as you can out of it, and just deal with it if there's not enough
B.) Get the attention of a waiter/waitress, inform them that you would like some ketchup
C.) When no one is looking, switch bottles with another table so that someone else will have your problem later.

*poll coming in a moment*
Ask for more ketchup.....

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I wouldn't even make sure no one is looking. Just get up and grab another bottle.
fap on my fries

in fact... i do that even when i have a full bottle of ketchup...
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fap on my fries

in fact... i do that even when i have a full bottle of ketchup...

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knock someone out and take theirs so i guess that would be qualified as C
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I freak out. I start rolling all over the floor going, "ketchup. ketchup. ketchup."
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When you need ketchup you are the most important person in the world. There are no laws when you need ketchup.
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Fap all over the $3 in pennies I give the waiter/waitress as a tip.

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what the **** sort of cheap arse restuarant do you go to? what sort would have bloody ketchup?

you bloody vagrant
A and then after some debate with my gf over how i don't really need it anyway and her telling me to just grab it... C
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i freak out and think i'm about to die
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This is a stupid ass thread.
No one really likes Ketchup, they just pretend to like it in front of me to make me look weird. Yeah, that's right, I mean who in their right mind would enjoy eating that nasty stuff.
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Behead a member of staff for this epic failure of service.
Or go on a rape and pillage spree.
What else?
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Does no one else bring their own bottle of ketchup?

Barbeque sauce is so much better.
I just switch it with an empty table.
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I'd ask for another one if there was someone nearby to ask - otherwise, I'd just take a bottle (or sachets, depending where I am) from another table, not switch.
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Who the hell goes to a restaurant that has ketchup? Sounds like a pretty crappy restaurant.
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Who the hell goes to a restaurant that has ketchup? Sounds like a pretty crappy restaurant.

pretty much all restaurants in America have Ketchup, it's like the standard condiment here.
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