Hey all, I've been trying to learn multiple finger picking, and it went well, especially when I taught my friend how to play a song....it enhanced my own finger picking. Now, I'm moving on to Swing Life Away by Rise Against.

So I'm all good up until the third break in the tab of the intro, where it says to strum down (v) A string 3rd fret. I'm so confused because it really throws off the rest of the strumming pattern....I can't seem to get a good rhythm with that note there. Any of you guys/gals think you can give me some advice on how to work with that note there and how to get a good rhythm with the song?

The author even posted the strumming pattern, but I'm all thrown off course...
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No, I'm good at that, I'm just confused on how to play the strumming part.

Thanks for the reply.
oh no problem. I kinda struggle with the picking to strumming. Like this song i wont play the 0 or 3 on the E string. I hope you understand what i mean. It sounds the same, just without the low sound.