Hey amazing guitarist! I am planning to to buy a left hand model of Epiphone Les Paul. I heard it's going to be very expensive because left hand models are very rare. Anyway, i don't know too much about guitars but i do know how to play guitar as i am a 5 years experienced player.

My main question is how good are the Epiphone models compared to Gibson? Are they in same company?

Can anyone give me a rank out of 10? That's including sound,quaitly,etc

epiphone is owned by gibson.
i've heard they are very similar in quality except for the pick ups.
if you have the money for a lefty, then i say go for it
i have one, they're pretty good but i dont think they're as good as gibson...they are a lot less expensive so i doubt they could be in the same class.
they are no where near in the same class as a gibson.. the rhythm guitarist in my band plays an epiphone les paul and I play a gibson sg... mine owns his,

gibson own epiphone so they wont make an epiphone thats as good as a gibson... or else people wouldnt buy gibsons...
I have 2 epi LP lefties they are usually 50 bucks more than a righty. There are usually only one choice in colors. How do they compare dont think Ill ever know as have never seen a lefty gibson in a store to try. As for price righties have it made they can get gibson LPs for a grand. But the cheapest lefty gibson is 2500. Or you can get 5 epi LPs for that. So really isnt a comparison. The 2 I have needed work to make them play and sound good. Nothing 2 serious pickups and fret work. You will have to mail order one as again I never see lefty epis in stores either. But I do like the ones I have alot and doubt I will ever pay for a gibson.