here is my question, i live in the U.S, and i am planning a trip to japan later this year, also i was thinking about purchasing an ESP Edwards model while i was over there, does anyone know of any problems i may run into in the return trip home?
getting killed in a plane crash can sometimes be a problem with a trip to japan.
ill keep that in mind. I was actually asking more about customs and taxes.
just have it as hand luggage in a gig bag, and if they ask you about it, say its yours and you took it with you
what may even be more clever is to take an empty guitar case with me, then just put in in there and bring it back.
Ive bought 2 guitars on overseas trips have never even been asked about em coming thru customs. They only really give you problems if you try to import several.
i bought both of my Jackson RR's in Japan i never had a problem with customs but i did have pay a duty on them though.
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Not to hijack your thread, but on the same topic does anyone know anything about ordering guitars from sites like Thomann, I was planning on getting an ESP SV from there, since I live in the US.