So, like many of you here I am on the search for a gigging half stack or combo. I've read as many posts and reviews as my eyes can stand... Right when I think I know what I start to second guess the choice. Here's what has made that list so far:

Peavey Valveking 212
B-52 AT-212
Bugera 6262-212
Bugera 333xl-212

I was also considering getting the head versions of these because I might want different speakers. Or I just might want more volume. I also read somewhere that it is better to get a combo because if it is loud enough from the stage to hear in the back... Its deafening in the front.

So I now ask...

If YOU had $1000 to spend on any half stack or combo you wanted what would you get?

Keep in mind this isnt a "use it or lose it" situation. You don't have to spend all of it.

So. Go shopping...

Oh yeah... I love playing metal. I'm into that face crunching sound. (think Disturbed, anthrax... Etc...) But I need cleans as well since my band does a fair amount of covers.
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Probably find a used Mesa Mark IV.

1k wont quite get you there i dont think.

a lower end mesa would be in that range though, nomad/f/express series
A used Mesa would be good. A Marshall DSL401 combo is slightly more than $1k i think. And maybe a Bugera, altho i havent seen or heard anything about Bugeras, and idk if there available in the States.
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1k wont quite get you there i dont think.

a lower end mesa would be in that range though, nomad/f/express series

Mark iv's usually sell for about 1k used. Cheapest I've seen is $750 used for the head and 1k for head and 2x12 cab.
Marshalls are good. Get a big one.
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I want to upgrade from my valveking 212 to a carvin v3 but the heads 1000 and the combos 1300 but it seems like a really nice amp. I'd check it out or a carvin legacy maybe
Although buying a Carvin V3 would be a distinct possibility, I'd probably get an American Standard Tele. I have no idea why, but I've been lusting after one for the last few weeks. Probably because of the Yin/ Yang contrast with my LP.
This is slightly more than $1000 even... there's a good chance I'll be buying a Mesa Lone Star Special or a Line6 Vetta 2 in the next month or so.
Buy a used Fender '65 Twin Reverb Deluxe
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Used Carvin V3.
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